Healthy Watermelon Cake || thehealthierteen


Hey everyone! This Delicious watermelon cake is perfect for the hot summers or just to gobble down yourself! This is a healthy sweet treat but without the many calories of a regular cake!

You will need:
NOT exact measurements

*1 large watermelon

Frosting– ( frosting measurement depend on the amount of frosting needed, exact amounts are not necessary, as long as the desired taste and texture is achieved)
*No fat vanilla instant pudding
*Greek Yogurt
*Sour Cream

*Fresh berries (kiwi, strawberry,raspberry,blueberry)
*Chopped nuts ( shaved almonds, pecans)


You will need to first cut the watermelon into a cylinder shape, making sure the bottom is flat. Then with a paper towel, pat your watermelon of any excess water. Then mix and apply the pudding, Greek yogurt and sour cream together to create a mixture that is NOT TOO THIN or the frosting will fall off! You can use actual frosting to get it to stick fully, but my frosting mix is much healthier.


Then decorate your cake as desired! In my experience, do not put berries on the side of the watermelon as it may slip off. Make sure you keep your cake in the freezer, and put it in the fridge an 30-45 min before serving so it is not fully frozen when you serve it!

Enjoy, and happy eating!


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