Chia Seed Pudding || thehealthierteen


Not only is it a delicious breakfast, it’s also a great snack for in-between. Since the taste of the pudding is relatively mild, it tastes amazing when you add fresh fruits. The secret here is to let the seeds soak in plant milk, as they super quickly absorb fluids. Leaving it to soak over night or for a couple of hours, will do the trick!

Chia seeds are grown in South America and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids (great for your brain), proteins and calcium. A true superfood! Aside from making pudding with it, I add chia seeds to my smoothies, mix them with oats or sprinkle them over granola, even salads. (You can also use them as a plant-based egg substitute, when mixing them with water: 1tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp water = 1 chia egg).



You will need:

(serves 2)

4 tbsp chia seeds
200-300 ml plant milk (I often use almond milk)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Mix the chia seeds and plant milk in a bowl, add the vanilla extract and stir well to make sure that all seeds are soaked in the milk. Put the bowl in the fridge and leave it to soak over night or for a couple of hours. Stir before serving. Enjoy!
(The amount of milk you put in depends on the consistency you wish for. The more milk you let the seeds soak in, the more fluid the pudding will be.)


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