My Japan Adventure!


As you may or may or not know from my lack of posts ( which I will surely make up for) I went to Japan! It’s my last day today and I thought I would take this hour on the bullet train to reflect and share my experience!
Japan was AWESOME. SPECTACULAR. Everything could imagine and more! The culture is so different! They are MUCH quieter, and way cleaner! Even though Tokyo has more than 13 million people, I can truthfully say I saw maybe 1 piece of litter the whole time I was there!


Now I can talk about the food. I have to say although I loved the cuisine I have never missed food from home as much as I have on this trip! This is mostly due to the lack of fruit 😦 An Melon could be as much as $80! I could occasionally find fruit and would stock up and monomeal!! There cuisine is very carb heavy with lots of rice, noodles and fried foods but at the same time very light and delicate like ways of preparation and there time and effort into making things like sushi. Although it was a bit of a challenge to always find healthy options I had to remind myself this WAS a vacation and I needed to indulge! I was very fortunate that at so many places they had soba noodles, and for those who don’t know, soba noodles are made from buckwheat so are much less carb-y and healthier! Luckily we had a little market close to our apartment and were able to pick up breakfast staples like yogurt, pb , granola and eggs to start our day with a lighter breakfast!


As for the weather, let’s just say I thanked the gods of AC. Almost everyday It was uncomfortably hot with high’s of 45 degrees! Although it was bearable with many shops I was able to jump in and out of for a quit cooling break!
In japan you will almost never see anyone eating chips or candy! There snack are these little 100-200 calorie rice circles that can be filled with different meat or veggies! And their “fast foods” are little noodle shops that are extremely affordable, a huge bowl of soba noodle tofu soup for 390Yen!


Indulgences: Ramen, Takoyaki & Carbs!

Like the picture above, Ramen is a thick pork broth soup with ( usually homeade) ramen noodles served with pork, onions and a soft boiled egg! This is heaven! Another favourite is Takoyaki, little balls that are filled with chunks of octopus and are topped with fish flakes and mayo! They are crispy on the outside and soft and full of deliciousness on the inside! The last thing I have been indulging on as I said before- CARBS!! Rice, noodles, bread- I try to keep my distance at home but in Japan I let lose a little! Soooo GOOOD!

All in all, this trip to Japan was absolutely amazing and I am so fortunate I was able to take this trip of a lifetime!

Here are some pics from my trip:










One thought on “My Japan Adventure!

  1. Already it was an AMA ing opportunity for you to travel so far and away from home. To see other cultures of our world and experience there ins and outs is a memorable and wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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