5 days of Workouts! Legs + Glutes

Hey guys! Sitting here typing as I sip on my lime water ( lemon water is so overrated), attempting to hit my seemingly impossible goal of drinking 2.5L of water a day. Sigh. September is here everyone. My favourite month which happens to be the start of my favourite season! Goodbye to the hot yoga-able cars and not allowing yourself to have oatmeal because it bloats you and you have to be in a bikini in an hour!!!! HELLO to comfy sweaters, soups and overpriced-over sugared Starbucks drinks!

People always ask me ” what do you do for your workouts” , ” what do you mean you workout 6 times a week” and so on …so to start of this fall year, I am going to be posting 5 days of workouts. Thats right! 5 days. Free workouts ( favourite word). And will be posting a version for those who are more advanced and have access to a gym and those who prefer to workout at home with minimal equipment!

These five days will consist of Legs + Glutes, Arms and Back, Abs, Strength and Conditioning, and Full Body! Remember to subscribe to my blog ( enter your email on the homepage) to never miss a workout, and for MANY MORE fitness/health challenges to come! These workouts will be posted every couple of days!

Each Workout will take approx. 30-35 minutes so there is no excuse not to be able to do it!
Take as many rests as needed, but minimal rest means longer elevated heart rate = more calories burnt! Each exersize can be modified, googled and youtube-d for your comfort!

Version 1 ( Intermediate/Gym-Accesable Workout)

*Each workout starts with 10 minutes of warm-up and 10 minutes of stretching the worked muscle, rest for 2-3 minutes between each weighted exercise.

-Get on any cardio machine that you prefer ( elliptical, bike or treadmill) and warmup for 2 minutes on a moderate speed. For the next 8 minutes you will be altering 30 seconds sprint/bike/elliptical as hard as you can on a high speed and then you will slow down for the next 30. So 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest DOES NOT MEAN STOP ( simply slow down). You should be really going hard for the first 30 and focusing on getting your heart rate down on the last 30.

– 4 sets 15 reps Goblet Squat w/kettlebell or bumbell.

legs wide, hips apart, focusing on squeezing the muscle on the way up and down. Pick the weight that is suitable for your own strength. 


– 4 sets 12 reps raised leg lunge ( Bulgarian split squat)  with 2 dumbbells in each hand ( alternating leg so each leg should do 2 sets of 12 reps)

find a chair, or a raised area so place your back leg, your back leg should not be wider than your hips, focus on getting your front leg as low as possible without letting your knee go over your toe. Keep this movement slow and controlled. 


-3 sets 10 reps Stiff Legged Deadlift w/ weighted bar OR 2 dumbells

keep your legs hip length apart, and your back STRAIGHT not curved to avoid injury, keep your head looking forward and really dip low before slowly coming back up to complete another rep. 



-3 sets 10 reps leg extension

simple straight forward move keeping your quads tensed, make sure you do this move SLOW, make your decend very controlled and focus on keeping everything as tight as possible.


-4 sets 16 reps Inner thigh Adductor

As like the movement above, keep your movements slow and controlled stopping to squeeze for a second before releasing. Keep your back straight and arms either by your sides or between your legs on the chair. 



-repeat the exercise above if your gym has an hip abductor machine ( basically instead of squeezing in your pushing your legs out)


-finish off with some of the recommended stretches below, or just do whatever feels good to you! But make sure to hold the stretch anywhere from 15-45 seconds. Stretching is more important when you are working out with weights vs your body weight as it is more stress on the body!



Version 2 ( At home workout/Minimal Equipment)

-this workout is split into two portions. Each should take you 15-20 minutes depending on your fitness/motivation level at the current moment in time #imlazytoo. So turn on your favourite netflix show or tv show  ( people don’t watch tv anymore tbh). You will need a chair and an optional jump rope.

Section 1 Cardio Crazyness-esss

-30 jumping Jacks

-30 mountain climbers

-30 Chair toe Taps ( beginner or advanced level- see video below)

Chair Toe Tap Move

-12 half burps ( no pushup)

-30 squat jumps

-100 jumps on a jumping rope or air jumping rope

X4 ( don’t stop between excursuses only 1 min between each round)

Section 2 Legs on Fire 

-30 plie squat pulses ( Stay down and pulse. No one is this happy doing plie squats. Ever.)


-2o sumo squats ( squats with your leg a bit wider than hips)

-20 reverse lunges

-10 fire hydrants on each leg


-20 donkey kicks each leg

-Stretch and YOUR DONE!


Remember to always rehydrate & refuel after every workout! I hope you guys enjoyed Day 1/5 and come back soon for Workout #2!!

xoxo TheHealthierTeen